sbdees  understands and values the importance of the decision you have made to buy a business. We realize how important it is for you to determine which opportunity is best for your situation. We understand you are dealing with a lot of choices in highly competitive market.

This can be a stressful process and many times end up being the largest single financial investments a person will make in their life. This is why we do our best to make the process of due diligence as easy as possible. We will assist you with locating the information you need to make a confident and complete assessment of the business being offered.

We operate differently from other firms operating in the business brokerage industry. In most cases we represent the seller but we understand that a deal cannot come to fruition unless the buyer receives just as much respect and attention as the seller receives. We limit the number of clients we will represent and businesses we will list for sale in order to offer you the needed attention you deserve.

We prefer to represent businesses that operate in industries that historically perform well through good and bad economic times. That said, we spend a great deal of time studying industries and markets in an effort to recognize those that are poised to grow in the coming years and we will not hesitate to bring an under appreciated business to market.

sbdees has extensive experience working in the business brokerage/franchise sales industry. We market and sell privately held companies and franchises to individual investors, private equity and investment banking interest. We view deals as units so size does not matter as long as the results generated are the same.

 sbdees will only represent clients that meet our strict standards of professionalism and integrity.  They must agree to respect the due diligence process the buyer is undertaking, provide the buyer with honest straightforward answers and documentation in a manner that is as impartial as possible. At the same time, buyers must understand that transparency does not mean full disclosure of all the sellers’ information at one time simply because they signed a Nondisclosure agreement. Our method for marketing businesses offers us the ability to work effectively and efficiently, weed out buyers who are “kicking tires” and sellers who are “testing the market”.


John Allen Dees

We have executive level experience when it comes to sales, marketing and market analysis. We have operated in the; database, publishing, promotional, technology, advertising, direct mail, logistics, athletic, hospitality, professional services, retail, franchise and consulting industries.... whew, thats a lot of experience!

​​We offer a proven track record of increasing revenue, sales, customer base, market share and strategic partner alliances. 
We recognize subtle changes in markets which require immediate development of new sales strategies; then implement these strategies in an efficient successful manner.

​We do this using outstanding interpersonal relationship skills communicating with others regardless of their profession, position, socioeconomic background, interest or personal agenda. Yes we are at home in the corporate board room or shooting a game of pool at the local dive bar. We will walk out of either with new relationships and have scheduled follow up calls the next day.

​We surpass  our client's goals by using proprietary methods we developed over two decades of working for some of the best minds in the industries they represent. We have a Rolodex* that includes C-Level Shot Callers**  in just about every industry and market

We understand people don't shop businesses during 9-5 hours. Our clients and those we do business with never have a problem reaching us day or night because we value their business and work hard to keep it. We believe in being available on their time despite what that time may be. Time Zones are for wimps. We are used to working in volatile markets and industries where being connected and available is the difference between sink or swim and we swim like sharks. 

​​We listen to your needs then seek out the best solution to  meet those needs. This means getting to know your  business from both your perspective and that of your customer. We believe in taking ownership in our work and applying solutions that deliver results.


*Rolodex: Contact storage device prior to computers and CRM solutions

**Shot Caller: The person that makes the decisions

​​​We are highly consultative relationship builders with the ability to analyze markets to source new business as well as farm existing relationships to maximize market revenue potential. 

We developed and nurtured an outstanding portfolio of executive relationships with executives and decision makers across numerous industries and markets.