The Nut  
We succeed where others do not. We are specialized but we are an incredibly flexible contract consulting firm able to take on unique opportunities and challenges which require outside the box thinking, specialized resources, unique tactics, and hands on C-level representation from start to finish

We are very familiar with the franchise industry and offer consulting services to franchisors wanting to use outside resources to increase their franchise sales, generate interest in their franchise model and grow their franchise within a specified market or over a broad area. 

We represent individual investors, private equity and investment banking interest who are shopping for business or franchise opportunities to purchase. We are able to locate existing operational businesses that meet their specified purchase criteria. 

The Shell                                                
sbdees is an experienced sales centric boutique consulting firm operating as intermediaries and marketers within the Business Brokerage, M&A and Franchise Industries. 

We  represent small to medium size business owners, franchisees, and franchisors, who wish to sell their business in the open and/or private markets. We are full service able to handle all aspects and processes related to marketing and selling businesses. Our portfolio is made up of approximately 150 businesses located across the USA and Caribbean. We offer a wide range of options with varied EBITDA and prices ranging from as low as $35,000 to over $22,000,000. 

​​The proof is in the pudding. We have satisfied clients on both sides of deals who would be happy to tell you why they choose sbdees to represent their interest. We strive to surpass our client’s expectations when it comes to the effort and work we put in to sell their business. We genuinely care about our clients business and about those who buy their businesses. 

  We are boutique but we are accustomed to operating without geographic boundaries and have an interest in United State as well as outside the Country. sbdees handles all the necessary steps needed to sell our clients businesses. Our proprietary model uses specialized consultative methods developed over years of successfully closing deals. We have developed highly specialized proprietary methods for generating amazing results for our clients. 

Our passion, which is often confused for a borderline neurotic compulsion, is selling businesses and closing deals that result in all parties being satisfied. This wakes us up in the morning, keeps us working late into the night and sometimes prevents us from sleeping at all.

We Offer our clients over 20 years experience in the fields of Business development and Sales and Marketing. We have experience selling products and solution oriented services in a wide range of industries. This experience allows us to quickly understand the businesses we represent and translate this understanding to potential buyers. We have achieved success for clients operating in the advertising, database development, direct mail, publishing, technology, wholesale, distribution, manufacturing, printing, retail, franchise and lead development sectors.